since 2010


He created the website and began to offer cars for export through the web portal.


The activity of continued till 2013, and then Karabakh Motors was established.


Our Founder together with his business partner Lars Rennecke registered Karabakh Motors GmbH in Germany.

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The reputation of the legendary horses from the Karabakh region is renowned throughout the world. Revered for their grace and speed, they triumphed in the most prestigious competitions and battles, bringing glory and honor to their owners and the ancient lands of Azerbaijan.

Bearing the royal saddle of kings, the Karabakh Khans gifted these horses, as a token of friendship and recognition of meritorious deeds. At the time, every self-respecting gentleman had his own stable, including the prized Karabakh horse(s).

Our story
Our story

However, the era when a swift horse was a loyal companion of its regal owner are long gone; their place has been taken by Iron Horses – most especially today's exotic super-cars and hypercars. For someone, a car is merely a means of transportation. However, there are people with a different approach to cars and everything related to them - much like the horse whisperers of old.

One such aficionado and expert is Musa Ahmadov, President of Karabakh Motors, who came to express his vision for a bespoke, boutique motor vehicle service for the highest echelons of the Middle East, centered in the economic and trade hub of Dubai, in 2010.

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Musa Ahmadov
Musa AhmadovKarabakh Motors President

He created the website and began to offer cars for export through the web portal. The activity of the website continued till 2013, and then Karabakh Motors was established. The role and meaning of the word “Karabakh” hearkens back to the aforementioned noble steeds, especially for patriots such as Musa Ahmadov, originally from the cradle of Azerbaijani culture, the pearl of Karabakh Shusha has played a key role in choosing the company name.

Karabakh Motors is an elite private car dealership: the company supplies exclusive cars to VIP Clients with all related support, assistance and platinum-level concierge service.

Musa Ahmadov
Zaur MammadliSales Manager

Karabakh Motors attends to exclusive tuning, bespoke customization, sourcing impossible-to-find machines, and worldwide delivery.

With nearly a decade of success behind, Karabakh Motors LLC to continue our traditions and expand to meet growing customers needs. Company work with top tier clients from around the globe, ranging from North America to Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia; they will continue to promote the values that have made Karabakh what it is today and look forward to serving you.

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