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Porsche Taycan First Impressions

As per usual, Sean Mitchell was on-hand at the recent Porsche Taycan reveal. He has promoted himself enough that it seems Mitchell inevitably gets an invite to such events, and if he doesn't, he works hard to make it so.

While we had our own Domenick Yoney at the event, as well as Motor1 editor and videographer Clint Simone, we always make an effort to share friends' takes on the situation. And, we're safe to say Mitchell's take will be well-researched, free of agenda, and realistic to say the least.

With that being said, our fantastic friend Sean Mitchell has just published one of his videos showcasing the event. Even more interesting is the fact that he's got a leading lady at his side. We bank on the "female take," which is sadly extremely rare still within the industry.

Mitchell was able to touch base with EV-advocate, writer, and editor Aniseh Sharifi. She's well-known for covering the segment as a whole and she shares her crazy excitement for the Porsche Taycan. Sharifi currently covers autos out of Canada. But it seems despite her support of the Tayan, Mitchell gets her to realize its faults.

Like Sharfiri's take, we are blown away by the Taycan, but does it really stack up?

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